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The Sharp R764WM solo microwave 900w with 25 litre capacity in white effortlessly ensures that all of your meals are cooked to perfection in a stylish, functional microwave. Boasting perfected modern style boasting an LED digital display and an easy-to-use arc handle the R764WM is the ideal microwave for a food loving, stylish home. 

Boasting a generous 25 litres of capacity the Sharp R764WM ensures you're able to fit in and cook large amounts of food for all of the family at once; coupled with 900W of power the R764WM can quickly power through food, cooking everything from meat to vegetables in an optimum amount of time. 

Use one of the 10 different featured cooking programmes to quickly choose and cook almost everything - use the auto-cook programme, weight-defrost or even the quick-defrost programme to make sure that your forgotten about food is ready in a perfect amount of time.

Sharp R764WM Microwave Oven with Grill 900W