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The SAM-HWMS6500 will deliver incredible rich sound to anything you are watching or listening to. The HWMS6500 5.1 wireless curved sound bar features 9 speakers with dedicated amps which improve the audio quality. 

You will always be able to listen to your music the way it should be heard thanks to HD audio, this preserves the richness and quality of the original sound which means you can enjoy the best sounds for lossless audio formats. 

Whatever you are listening to or watching you will always hear crisp all round sound no matter where you are sitting in the room, the wide range tweeter, the advanced sound processing and the precise speaker control will always make sure this is achieved. Thanks to the distortion cancelling technology you will always get clear and accurate audio, it does this by predicting and cancelling out any sound distortion before it can be heard. 

The HWMS6500 uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity which means you can effortlessly connect your compatible devices including your Samsung TV, this means you will enjoy all of your favourite content instantly and much clearer. With 4K pass-through you can connect your TV and HW MS6500 Sound Bar with a 4K video source like a UHD Blu-ray player using a simple HDMI connection. 

With its premium curved design and the option of wall mounting, the Samsung HWMS6500 is the perfect addition to your home cinema entertainment system bringing you the highest quality sound.

Samsung HW-MS6500 Curved Bluetooth Wi-Fi Sound Bar