Boil your water in style with the Dualit 72402 1.5L Cordless Jug Kettle in chrome. Combining the perfect blend of timeless style and incredible functionality the Dualit 72402 is the perfect addition to your kitchen work surface. 

Easier than ever to use the Dualit 72402 has a handy water level indicator on both sides that shows you in the simplistic way - with pictures - how many cups you're making with each water refill; this ensure little to no water waste and helps you keep your bills down as low as possible. The helpful red indicator light helps you know when your kettle has boiled by just simply turning on and off. 

The Dualit 72402 comes with a removable laser cut limescale filter to ensure that your kettle keeps working as well as the day that you first purchased it and the handy 360-degree base ensures that whether you're left or right handed using your kettle is as easy as possible.

Dualit 72402 1.5L Jug Kettle in Chrome and Cream


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